martes, 3 de junio de 2014

Csélion's Day

Every single day of Csélion's life, is being different.

Csélion - Cambio, Sanación, Evolución.

Today a more international "Change, Heal, Evolve", is an amazing simple concept hosting thousands of different tradicional/alternative sciences ideas from all around the world and the time.
Going back to shamanism rituals, forward to modern psychology role play, passing through chiropractic massage, cromotherapy etc...

But it's not the promotional thing I like to do today... Csélion was born as trademark one year ago. And he changed a lot from the beginning. He evolved. He was the first experimenting the idea and philosophy that brought him to this world in the first place.

We're talking about 6-7 different webs, everyone mirroring a different Csélion's phase.

It began with the greek "Psi" coming from Psychology, then regressive therapy symbols, the reiki connection to the source, the concept of the three phases resumed by the bumby road, the past and future connection and the final opened armed rising for a new sunrise and much more...

The symbol itself was create at one of my Madrid friends home... Teresa.
I've passed really good time with her that year, professinally growing together with reiki, regressions etc... but also personally creating a good friendship with endless chatting, wine and "tapas", going out etc... I was passing a lot of time with her lately, my boyfriend was working in Ibiza, I didn't have a home and a lot of bags spread all around Madrid and suburbs.
She was hosting me some days while I was waiting for my past year one month experience at Ibiza. My rent in Puerta del Sol was over and I needed a place to stay for a week waiting for the flight.

I had the initial idea of the symbol, but it didn't feel complete. Csélion was waiting that english inspired 5pm tea with her to reach its completion.
I were all "So, this is the raw idea, but I don't like it, it's not complete, not complete I say!!!" waving nervously a roughly folded A4 white paper with a basic blue pen painting I was looking at for days trying to make it complete.
"I really don't think its complete, I'd love to be like this, and this...".
Some more swift signs on the former tree skin, regardless of what I was doing as I was hopelessly thinking that I was going to trash it soon and "Wait... that's it!"

Csélion was born that day, more than one year ago, and from that paper sketch it changed a lot of times, coming with different colours, sizes, shapes.
Little humble friend, now he shines with the full 7 colour rainbow strength he always wanted from the beginning.
But as everything recentely born needs time to grow, that's what Csélion did all this time. And with him my web, or our web, my skills, my professional activities etc...

These months, along with this amazing professional and personal experience in Ibiza, Csélion is going through the seventh evolution (or eighth depending on if this summer it will have a major refit of the old version) coming online on september/october.
Right in time to open the Italian Clinic again as a totally different professional than I was almost three years ago.

So today is for you. Always remembering me that in the simplicity of an afternoon tea, or of a pen and a piece of paper, you can find the seed to every answer you need.

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